The Caribbean Institute of Media Technologies – UPDATE – August 1, 2011

In March of 2011, after a great deal of preparation and effort, the doors opened to The Caribbean Institute of Media Technologies’ first full-time classroom space! The classroom has 10 learner work spaces (each with 1 Macintosh and 1 Windows computer). The space (generously loaned to
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5 Ways to Save & Serve

With regard to our work in Haiti, someone recently asked me, “Do you only accept donations of cash and materials, or can skills be donated/taught?” I live in a world where nothing would ever get done if it had to start (or end) with money. Because I live in that world, I f
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The Learning Village

On Saturday, October 2, 2010, Fireside International and Anderson University will present The Learning Village “Walk For Haiti,” a walk-a-thon in Anderson, Indiana. This event will happen as part of Anderson University’s Homecoming weekend and will raise funds for ou
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McGiving, McDollars & McExpectations

I remember how amazed we all were when the first war was telecast as it was happening. I remember the endless comments pointing out how the nature of war, the nature of global communication, had changed. Indeed, it had. The Vietnam War has been regarded as the first televised war and
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